New Magic the Gathering Release – Dragons Maze

1366745305-57146300[1]As we all know, Magic the Gathering is always bringing out new card decks and packs and on the third of May, the gaming franchise will be releasing another collection. Dragons Maze is the latest MTG card pack to come from the popular game and is available for purchase from May 3rd 2013.

Dragons Maze is the third instalment from the Return to Ravnica block. The set sees the end of the Ravnica depths research carried out by the Izzet League, this is where the Dragons Maze is located. The maze includes within it a path that leads to an empowering energy source that has the power to control all guilds. A champion from each guild must enter the maze and take on the challenges from other opponents as well as navigating the maze itself.

The Dragons Maze comes after the previous two collections which included the Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica sets. The Dragons Maze is the final instalment to this trio of packs from Magic the Gathering. Over 150 cards are included in the set along with all ten guilds. A returning feature which occurs in Dragons Maze is that the ten guild champions are not included in the mythic rare slot and can be found in the rare slot instead.

The latest Magic the Gathering card pack, Dragons Maze, can be found at Magic Madhouse with boxes, boosters, packs, singles, fat packs, cases and more available to purchase. Available to buy from May 3rd 2013.

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