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illwinter floor plan generator

Illwinter Floorplan Generator Review

Illwinter Floorplan Generator is a very simple to use software available in Steam for just under 5$. It generates floor plans for caves, forests and other general encounter areas for RPG, but is it worth it? Watch the following video with my Illwinter Floorplan Generator review Illwinter Floorplan Generator aims to offer a very quick…
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Dear some straight gamer if we are not there so wha

So what? Dear some straight gamer

“So what?” has been a question someone posted in a video comment recently. If there are no LGBTQI characters in a game setting, so what? Well… here is what. Asking a LGBTQI “so what?” is always going to elicit some mixed – likely really bad – feelings. You are asking us why should it matter…
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Carnival Row RPG

Carnival Row RPG is a good sign!

Carnival Row RPG is out. The series doing its rounds in Amazon video to the delight of a lot of people who have told me it is a truly excellent show albeit a complicated one to watch. But what does this RPG mean for the hobby? The series written by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) has…
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critical role: good for us?

Critical Role’s role – an unpopular opinion

Critical Role has been going for a number of years now and its presence has had a tremendous impact on the hobby. But, why do some people think this is bad? Well… I tell you all about it in the video. The role of Critical Role in the hobby is getting stronger by the season.…
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gms academy in media res

In medias res: The G*M*S RPG Academy

In Medias Res is a very well known and used term that can make a huge difference to how your games are received. But, what is the best way to use it? I tell you in this video. When we use In-medias-res in an adventure, we are doing something powerful because we are taking some…
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