Video unboxing – Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice

pic1718403_t[1]I have to say, I can’t care any less for wrestling. I have watched a few times and I just can’t find the attractive beyond the muscles and six-packs (even though technically they’re eight-packs, but let’s not go into that) and the whole scene leaves me cold.

So Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice wasn’t something I was all that hot on either when Mark Rivera told me about it. “Meh””!” I thought.

Of course I was, once again, proved wrong. Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice turned out to be a super fun game that kept us entertained when we played. It was quite impressive how it brought the boisterous selves out as we shouted when we rolled the dice.

So, OK… I say it’s fun. But from there to be worth buying? I guess we have to find out and for that I am going to take a look at this game and open the box so you can decide if the game is worth the amount of money you have to spend to get your hands on it.

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