Video Unboxing – Kings of Mithril from Mindwarrior Games

pic836017_t[1]Kings of Mithril is a game from Mindwarrior Games, the Finnish company part of the Tactic group that has released a few games in the last few years of varying themes.

This time the players compete to gain control of a kingdom by building said kingdom around and inside Mount Mithril.

Players try to extend their mining tunnels deep inside the mountain and build underground forges while lumberjacks, farmers, road builders and merchants spread out to the plains around the mountain. Building forts and guarding borders also help each tribal chief towards the ultimate goal of being crowned king of this mythical island surrounded by stormy seas.

Game was presented first at the Essen 2010 exhibition.

Now, all of this sounds very good, but are the game contents worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it?

Let’s find out!

This video was co-hosted by Derek Mayne, who very generously contributed to our Dice & Slice project.

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