Unboxing: The Convoy

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Unboxing: The Convoy

pic1296833_md[1]There is no denying that I like games that are not well known in my neck of the woods. I also like card games. And dice games. This is a card game for two people.

Based on the the universe that brought you Neuroshima Hex and the same company that brought you Pret-A-Porter, Neuroshima Hex and many others, The Convoy is one of the latest releases from Portal and inventions from Ignacy Trzewiczek.

In the game, each player takes the side of one of the two warring parties and fight to take a convoy into New York, or to stop it. Being a card game, having good quality card and counters is pretty paramount because they’ll see a lot of use.

Does this game lives up to the production standards needed? Let’s take a look inside the box!


One of the latest offerings from Portal Publishing


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