Unboxing: Alf Seegert’s Fantastiqa

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pic1321261_t[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

It is quite something when you get to know a designer and can link their personality with their designs. You can then start to see how much they like telling stories and how they adapt the original ideas into something new.

This is why I was so keen to take a look at this game. Having become acquainted with Alf Seegert during the last few months, and having been a fan of his games since Trollhalla and The Road to Canterbury, when I heard about the development of Fantastiqa just under a year ago, I pretty much went to the edge of my gaming chair where I stayed perched until it arrived at my door.

Now that’s here, it is my absolute pleasure to show you the contents of the box and review the production values of this amazing looking game.

Paco Garcia Jaen unboxes Al Seegert’s Fantastiqa

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