The G*M*S Magazine Podcast – Spiel Day 2; part 2

71159_310887550627_2987049_nThe Spiel 2011 craze continues with the interviews with totally amazing people.

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swan-panasia-co-ltdHave you ever been in  need to get sleeves for the cards in your game? Well, the interview with Jo-Jo from Swan Panasia Games will tell you all you need to know and more, and he’s a great guy to boot!

The guys from Kuznia Gier also talks to me about The Witcher card game and also Alcatraz and the amazing young artist behind the incredible artwork of Alzatraz, another very interesting looking game coming from this young company.

kuznia-gier-AlcatrazProbably one of the most interesting projects of the whole show was Therion 011. I caught up with the author of the novel that inspired the game. Unfortunately the band that inspired the 011_therionwhole concept wasn’t there to be interviewed. That would have been a true blast! However they were out and about giving concerts and doing "band" things… what a pity! Still, it was incredible talking to this man (you’ll hear the name in the podcast. You don’t want me to give away everything, do you?) and you’ll be seeing an unboxing video very soon too.

ghenosBut would it end there? Of course not! I also spoke to Anna, form Ghenos Games, Italian company that carries sports games, from football to rugby and Lamborghini official car racing game. Also the license for Lupin The 3rd series, which looked totally sweet. Interesting company indeed!

the forgotten planetAnd Michelle Quondam tells us a lot about The Forbidden Planet and Upon a Salty Ocean, two games that caused a big stir at the show and featured quite  heavily in the BoardGameGeek ranking list.

And the day ends with Michael and I having our little chat about the whole thing that we hope you’ll find interesting.

Hope you enjoy!


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