The G*M*S Magazine Podcast -Spiel Day 2; Part 1

71159_310887550627_2987049_nThe second day was by far, our most productive and proactive day and there are so many  interviews during  that day that I’ve decided to divide them in two podcasts. Today I have pleasure to bring you the first of those two podcasts.

300px-LEGO_logoIn this episode we have interviews with the amazing people from Lego. They presented their latest game, Heroica, to the world and I can tell you it went down like a storm. The game looks lovely and super cute and I have the feeling there were lots of grown ups buying the games pretending it was for their children!

Profantasy_LogoWe also talk to the guys from Pro-Fantasy and discuss how their software it’s being used to create some gorgeous boards for quite a few boardgames, thus expanding their area of expertise. Very good news indeed!

twilightZombies! is a game much loved by many and hated by a few. The zombie fashion is in decline, many feel, but the guys from Twilight Creations are strong at it and producing new games with new ideas. Red Riding Hood running away from Zombie Wolves and racing her sisters to bring food to the grandma?… Yes please!

19963A-La-carte_MDIf you don’t know A La Carte by now, then you have to listen to the podcast. We talk to the designer of one of the cutest and most interesting board games out there, Karl-Heinz Schmiel. Although he struggled with the language, he was very kind to talk to me and it was a true joy to get to meet him!

splash_ogAt Spiel, very often the smallest designers have the most interesting ideas and this is indeed true with the face of Onmi-Games, Nicolai, who I met at the Bezier Games booth. Raising Kings looks totally sweet, plays very nicely and is the sort of games that a child could beat you at. Parents beware!

And we end with our conversation at lunch time, where I become all belligerent and upset with Hasbro and Rio Grande Games. Oh dear!

Hope you enjoy it!


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