The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 95–Deimonorum with Jenn and Vickey

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Time for another podcast. This time Jenn, Vickey and I just have a chat about many things. Some of them are in the podcast!

First thing we talked about was Deimonorum, the RPG project recently started to create a community driven and written role playing game.

In Deimonorum, 1985 saw the start of a demonic plague that destroyed 99.5% of the human population. Of the remaining people, only 100.000 are men. In the whole planet.

We also discuss the news that Will Wheaton is considering a spinoff Tabletop to cover role playing games. This news came after he had a go at Savage Worlds and liked enough to consider it worth of the idea. Of course maybe nothing will happen, as producing a show to the standards we are accustomed to is *very* expensive.

And very own Enzeitgeist sends us a little piece about what considerations to keep in mind when you advertise your games and compare with other, theoretically similar games.

Enjoy the show! (please)

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