The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 25 – Christmas Shopping with Michael Fox!

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lmdtitle_web1 Again (I know, I know… we seem to be on overdrive at the moment…) here we are again with another show, just before the Christmas season!

This time we have, as a very special guest, Michael Fox, of the Little Metal Dog Show fame and game designer virtuoso (you may¬† not know that because you haven’t played his game (perhaps!) but I have and they’re awesome) who has very kindly joined Mark and I to add a touch of class to the show.

cardiff-arcades-project-o-006We have a big rant. We don’t like trolls. We don’t like the trolls that haunt the Boardgame Geek website and we are giving a piece of our minds in this show.

We also give you our recommendations for what to buy for Christmas if you’re on a budget, and also if you are not.

Mark talks to the amazing guys at Rules of Play in Cardiff and last, but not least, we tell you what we’ll be playing during the holidays.

What will you be playing?



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