Louis Porter Design Free RPG Day Kickstarter project.

LPJD-Logo[1]Kickstarter is in everyone’s mouth for one reason or another at the moment. Controversial sometimes, Kickstarter has become the preferred choice for independent publishers to get the funds to create their projects, and of some not-so-independent publishers too.

This project is different though. This is different because the company behind it, Louis Porter Design wants to give away the results for free!

This adventure will be given away for free on the next Free RPG Day, on June 16th 2012.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a project like this happen before, in which a few contribute and a lot of people benefit from it.

Apart from the fact that it is a very worth it cause, the adventure also sounds terrific and the rewards are well cool. From being mentioned and getting the final pdf, to naming a province or city or even becoming a producer in NeoExodus: A House Divided.

So, I have endorsed this project if anything because I’d love more people to enjoy the Free RPG Day initiative in 2012.

Please head now to the LPJ Design website and back this project.

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