Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Skyway Robbery with Philip duBarry

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pic1707011_t[1]Skyway Robbery is the product of designer Philip duBarry, the same Philip duBarrry who designed Canalis, Courtier, Kingdom of Solomon…

Yeah… he’s pretty good.

This time he’s turned to Kickstarter to try and get the funds and produce Skyway Robbery, a steampunk stravaganza in which the players have to put together the biggest heist they can.

Assembling a cast of professional criminals, your task, as the airship you’re in travels from place to place, is to conduct robberies, dodge the authorities and, of course, make sure the other criminals don’t take your loot away.

The artwork for this game looks totally terrific and the theme sounds very good fun, there’s no doubt of that. But I wanted to find out more about it and the design and designer behind this game, so I got together with Phil and asked him a ton of questions.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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