Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Cimmerian Space

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cimmerian_spaceCimmerian Space is a project by Nick Fallon, a 3D programmer with enough passion for games and the industry to give up his job and create a project that sets the basis for a service boardgamers will be very interested in…

Cimmerian Space is a real time browser game that uses the latest technology to render gorgeous spacescapes in which you can fight your enemies and customise your ships and is now in Kickstarter.

And this is where Cimmerian Space brings something that boardgamers should keep an eye on: You can create, customise and build your own ship and then get a mesh that can be printed in 3D at various sizes to have your own miniature.

Using the Shapeways API, Cimmerian Space doesn’t have to stay in your browser, and the creators have some very good plans in mind…

I had a chat with Nick to ask about the past and the future of this game that could end up being very, very huge!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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