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Dungeon Command–Sting of Lolth

Lolth Stings Your Wallet Due To A Lack Of Heart? By Peter Ruth II The key to every successful miniatures game ever made has been that it has the innate ability to create tension, to excite the players, and to draw them, as generals into the flames of the battle they are engaging in. It’s…
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UK Games Expo interviews

managed to get out of the booth and go out there to interview some interesting characters.

Nexus Ops first play review

This game is about imperialistic interplanetary conquering, invasion and resources exploitation. This game is not about going to a planet and invading it. This game is about going to a planet with your clones (why use unique humans!) and using the existing residents and creatures to fight against each other in order to get you Rubium and victory points to win the game.

Unboxing: Nexus Ops

Recently I got this game base purely on the number of miniatures supplied and the very reasonable price tag. Knowing it is a Fantasy Flight Games, I reckon there is a good chance it is a good game as well. In this video I take a look at the components. This is not a review…
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Salute 2012–Episode 2 interviews

Every year, for the last 40 years, the the South London Warlords organise what has become the biggest and most iconic wargames and miniature games convention in the country.
Source: G*M*S Magazine (http://s.tt/19Pko)