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Unboxing: Phantom

One of the gems from Spiel 2013 I was very much looking forward to was this game. Being a fan of Ludonaute and having seen Yggdrasil and Shitenno, Phantom was very, very appealing.

Zombicide review

Zombicide is one of those products about zombies (hence the name) that came out recently and it takes the theme of survival and makes a game out of it. It also came out of Kickstarter, successfully funded and thank goodness for that!

Mythic Menagerie: The Kingdom of Graves

By Thilo Graf This mini-monster manual from Super Genius Games is 13 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving 11 pages of content for the new monsters, so what do we get? The one page introduction makes clear the design-goal of this Mythic Menagerie – to provide the equivalent of an undead…
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Conversation With A Gaming Innovator #6: Chad Hoverter

Welcome back for yet another edition of my Conversation with a Gaming Innovator series of interviews! This time we’re talking with the lovely and talented Chad Hoverter, sculptor of all of the miniatures you’ll find in the new Plaid Hat Games’ Dungeon Run. These things are magnificent, and I just had to talk to Chad about his experiences with becoming a paid-gig sculptor.

Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition

Today, I’m reviewing Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition, from AntiPaladin Games, written by Ray Nolan and Phil Morris. Mini Six is available both as a free pdf or in print for $8 (with free shipping in the U.S.).