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Video Interview – Kaleva: Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2015

Mindwarrior Games has that ability to produce games I like. They are simple in rules, gorgeous to look at, deep enough that one can play them many times and very rewarding. Also some of their games have a Nordic Myth theme that I find *very* appealing. This year they released Kaleva, a strategy game for…
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Video Unboxing: Realm of Wonder from Mindwarrior Games

I have been looking forward to unboxing Realm of Wonder since I saw it released at Spiel 2014. The game from Mindwarrior Games looked absolutely gorgeous and it got some amazingly good reactions from the crowds that relentlessly populated the company’s booth at the show. But of course I have to find if this game…
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Unboxing Video – Terra Evolution

I like Mindwarrior Games. I think it’s a cool company and they have a very friendly customer facing people who devote themselves to their customers. Customers who tend to be very happy to play their games too, I hasten to add. In this video we take a look at Terra Evolution, a deck building game…
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Video Unboxing – Kings of Mithril from Mindwarrior Games

Kings of Mithril is a game from Mindwarrior Games, the Finnish company part of the Tactic group that has released a few games in the last few years of varying themes. This time the players compete to gain control of a kingdom by building said kingdom around and inside Mount Mithril. Players try to extend…
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Boardgame Unboxing: Atlantic Triangle

Atlantic Triangle, a game from Mindwarrior Games is a 2-5 players designed by Esa Wiik. With a time play of 90 minutes, it’s not a quick game, though Mindwarrior Games tend to have out games that are rules light and easy to get to grips with. The Finnish company has released a number of games…
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