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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: GenCon!

GenCon is for many of us Europeans a Mecca of gaming we’ll never get to see. Though I hope to someday. The biggest four days in gaming, as the slogan aptly announces, has been going more than 45 years. From humble beginnings it’s turned out to be a true giant. And deservedly so. This year…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Tre Grisby and L.U.G. Con

Online conventions are a logical step in the socialising scene for a lot of hobbies. Probably any hobby, to be honest. The possibility of getting “together” with other people who share a passion and talk, play and share ideas together. That is exactly what Tre’ Grisby thought when he decided to create L.U.G. Con, an…
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Video Seminar – Meet the Big Companies at UK Games Expo

One of the highlights of the UK Games Expo was to be able to get some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to sit around a table and discuss games, gaming and a bit of Kickstarter. Had the pleasure of having Christian Petersen from Fantasy Flight Games, Bob Carty from Mayfair Games (we…
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Article – Transilvania Game Convention Report

By Samuel Wilcocks Sometimes when you think you have planned just one or two moves ahead, the random factor can really whack you out of nowhere. So when I volunteered a while ago to write a report on the Transylvania International Gaming (TIG) con, held from 22nd-25th May 2014 in Cluj, Romania, I had no…
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Video Interview – Shanna Germain and Monte Cook at UK Games Expo

The UK Games expo organisers had the great idea of bringing Sahnna Germain and Monte Cook to the show this years, which is indeed very, very good. Monte and Shanna are two very well known and, by the look of their games and quality of their production, some of the most professional and passionate people…
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