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This game allows you to play as a criminal, not crime-fighter. I will admit that it didn’t fill me with enthusiasm when I first heard of it, but I was very, very intrigued. And is a game that comes from Spain, so that intrigued me even more. Not because it is rare to see a game being produced in Spain, quite the opposite, but because I have only got my hands on two professionally produced games from Spain in the last few years and this is the only one that’s not a fantasy setting. And the icing on the cake for me is that Holocubierta is a young and very promising company that seems to be getting things very right all the time!

Annalise: Stories of Pain, Hunger and Redemption

I met Nathan D. Paoletta in 2011 when I was living in Chicago. We shared a few beers and I had a peak at his insightful thinking and his wits. Sharp, I can tell you! Later on I proceeded to back his Kickstarter project and I was really pleased I did. But that’s for another review. So when I found, literally by chance, Annalise when I visited Conception 2012, I just had to have it. And I haven’t regretted it!

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast episode 5

In this episode from Chicago we have two interviews with as many game designers, Eric Atkin from TactDecks and Eloy Lasanta from Third Eye Games.

Podcast Episode 4 is here!

And after a long time it is here. Apologies for the delay in bringing you this podcast. In the last few weeks I had to come to Chicago for two weeks, go back to the UK, go to Spain for a week, come back to the UK and then come back to Chicago, which has…
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