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Podcast episode The RPG Interview Room: Peter Wacks

It is quite interesting how many people in the games industry have gone to do other things in unsuspected fields. That’s what happened to Peter Wacks, my guest in this episode of the podcast. He went onto becoming a creative consultant for the series Alias, published more novels I can remember, worked on graphic novels……
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Order Pokemon – Legendary Treasures

Pokemon, one of the most popular card games of today, has yet another booster box released. The Legendary Treasures booster box is the eleventh expansion pack and the final of the black and white Pokemon series. This final booster box is based on the Japanese EX Battle Boost which was released on the 13th July…
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ChimeraCCG Nottingham – Many Things in One Body

Chimera CCG (the CCG doesn’t just stand for Collectible Card Game, but Comics, Collectibles and Games) is situated in Beeston in Nottingham, near the University. Originally sited at Ripley, before expanding to Beeston, Chimera’s owners, Andy and Heather Leach, eventually relocated “lock stock and ammo crate” to the current location, due to a more friendly environment, more affordable rates and a better ability to support its local community; including much more accessible free parking

Blood Bowl Team Manager

Before I start, I just have to say, I love me some Blood Bowl! I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager and still have the same set that I bought back then. I’m going to show my age a little here, but not in old way and say I just missed out on the kick ass foam board, and had to settle for card. This didn’t stop me and my high school wargaming group buying three teams each and running so many leagues we actually had promotions and relegations, with knock-out championships and a lucrative transfer market, even though we could only get together to play on weekends.

Thunderstone Wrath of the Elements

Eight months on and Thunderstone is still one of the most highly requested games in my house. However, when you play a game that many times its essential that you change it up as often as you can and so that brings me to another Thunderstone Expansion, Wrath of the Elements.