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Blades and Blasters combines Sci-Fi and Fantasy for 5E

Blades and Blasters. Interview with Seth Tomlinson

Blades and Blasters is a book created by Seth Tomlinson that funded in Kickstarter in 2018 and in 2019 has seen the light. It mixes science fiction and fantasy. But does it do it well? In Blades and Blasters you can find all you need to add alien invasions to your games. That is what…
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RPG Video Review – D&D Player’s Handbook

First Impressions–Should I buy it By Evaldas Bladukas We were talking about trying out different types of content and this is a great example of what we meant. OK so the audio isn’t great – it was a learning experience and we actually managed to learn from it (i.e. we know how to avoid these…
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