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SunriseCity-box[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

Clever Mojo game pretty much started the boardgame craze in Kickstarter by successfully funding the rather excellent Alien Frontiers. It didn’t take them long to decide they would do the same with their following project, Sunrise City and they were right.

Knowing they have to deliver the same quality, if not make it better, I am very hopeful of what I will find in this box. I can tell you to start with it is very heavy, but do the contents deserve praise?

Watch and find out!

Paco Garcia-Jaen unboxes Sunrise City, by Clever Mojo Games.


This is what Clever Mojo Games say about Sunrise City:

Sunrise City is a role selection, tile-laying, city-building board game. It’s simple enough for kids of a reasonable age, friendly enough for family game night, and meaty enough for experienced gamers. It can be played by two to four players and, depending on your experience, is playable in about 60 minutes.

Game Design by Isaias Vallejo

Art by Sarah “Chip” Nixon, Graphic Design by Chris Kirkman.


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