Spiel interviews–Episode 2

By Paco Garcia Jaen

The second episode of the G*M*S Magazine videos with the interviews we conducted in Essen is now here and ready for you. In this show we have another 6 interviews with some of the best and most interesting companies and their products.

Episode two of five from our travels to Spiel in 2012


Surprised_stare_gamesSurprised Stare Games. Tony Boydell has been designing games longer than he’d be willing to admit (since that’d reveal his real age and that is just not on) and this year he’s released Snownodonia. Despite having a train in it, it is not a train game, but a train in which you have to compete to build a rail line to the top of Snowdonia. Based on the real railway, and on the real ordeal the people who built the tracks experienced, this is a truly terrific game well worth your attention.

GenX_gamesGenX Games is one of my favourite games companies from Spain. Every year they come out with a new game and, usually, they’re pretty impressive. This year they have released Northwest Passage Adventure a competitive game for 2-4 players that plays in about 30 mins. Very interesting to hear Servando Carvallar, managing director of the company, talk about the history of GenX and their games!

ludonauteLudonaute has fascinated me since Yggdrasil got me totally frustrated and enchanted in equal measures. The devilishly difficult cooperative game has a way to get hold of you and not let go. This continued with the more subdued colour in the artwork of Shitenno and this year they’ve done it again with Phantom, a two player card game that combines literature and gameplay beautifully.

schmidtSchmidt is a pretty huge distribution company and their portfolio of games is truly impressive. We caught up with Matthias Karl, a product manager for the company and we chatted about Schmidt, distribution, Essen, games and much more!

Coffee Haus Games is the company that’s backed the idea of re-launching Colonial: Europe’s Empires Overseas, a game from designer Christophe Pont coffee_haus_gamesthat has been extremely well received. With the second edition of the game in Kickstarter at the time of recording the interview, we caught up with Christophe and Eric from Coffee Haus Games to tell us all about this new edition of the game.

Stronghold Games is well known for great games and for having the most prolific company president doing the podcast round. Yes, my friends, you will have heard of Steven Buonocore at some point. His cheerful and stronghold_gamescharming demeanour is difficult to resist and, if you join that to a truly impressive selection of boardgames that should be in anyone’s collection, make the perfect excuse to close this episode on a high note!

Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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