Spiel 2012 part 1

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At last, after the backers of the IndieGoGo campaign have received their rewards, time to show you what we were doing at Spiel last October!

The first of five videos from Spiel


Mayday_GamesMayday_GamesSeth Hiatt from Mayday games: Board Game Accessories are what we at Mayday Games eat, sleep & dream about. Our specialty board game pieces, custom card sleeves, and (willingness to listen to your wants) are the things that really set Mayday Games apart from every other board game company in the industry. Now You Can Have The Board Game Accessories You Want!

cosmic_empire_mancosmic_empireAlexander Gyulai from Innovative Games Creations: Innovative Games Creation represents the realization of innovative ideas in the areas of corporate and electronic games. Special emphasis is placed on the personal touch of its products and the artist is inspired by spirit of the game at all until awakened to life. Fun and creativity are not only enshrined in the company’s philosophy, but lived by the IGC active employees.

smiling_monster_gamesSmiling Monster Games

Henri Kermarrec– Sit Down Games: Wiraqocha Valley is represented by an adjustable board consisting of 22 hexagonal tiles, each of them being identified by a number from 1 to 12, or a dice combo (pairs or straights). In his turn, each player rolls some six-sided dice, combining themwiraqocha to take possession of territories, or to protect from the opponents the ones he already owns. Every hexagon affords resources or special capacities, which are means to influence die results to fit one’s strategy. There are three ways to win: bring back a huge cargo of Somnium to the Empress; acquire enough scientific knowledge to build the Leviathan, a terrifying weapon serving the Kingdom; or find in the temple depths the four relics that will allow you to reach Wiraqocha’s treasure.

Mike_ElliottMike Elliot: Seattle based Game Designer. Mostly known for the Japanese trading card games Battle Spirits and Duel Masters. Past credits include many other TCGs, Quarriors, Thunderstone, Earthquake, and dozens of expansion credits for Magic and various other TCGs.

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