So What’s the Hoard Like, Anyway? III

102824[1]By Thilo Graf

This pdf is 19 pages long, 1 page front cover, 2 pages editorial, 1 page advertisement, 1 page ToC/foreword (also including information on identifying magic items), 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover, leaving 12 pages of content for the third installment of the “So what’s”-sub series covering sample and ready to use dragon’s hoards, this time taking a look at those appropriate for levels 15 to 20 – so let’s check them out!

To address the topic of quantity – each of the levels of hoards gets a total of 12 different hoards to choose from and all the valuable objects come with appraise-DCs to adequately evaluate their worth. Among the mundane treasures, we e.g. get gilded sextants, puzzle boxes (Hellraiser anyone?) and even galleys. Pauldrons with epaulettes, full finger-rings, ear-cuffs and even a gilded iron maiden are among the strange and unusual treasures the Pcs may unearth here.

As is with the best of mundane treasures, the items included in Raging Swan’s third installment of ready-made hoards are almost predisposed to being considered adventure-hooks in and of themselves and contain the imaginative ideas and uncommon pieces I’ve come to appreciate from the series. The magic items are nice and I’m happy to report that there’s no one-treasure hoard or similar cop-out herein – each of the hoards contains at least one piece of cool mundane treasure or a nice magical item.


As I’ve come to expect from Raging Swan press, this pdf features a flawless editing and formatting. Layout adheres to RSP’s two-column standard and the pdf comes with two versions – one optimized for the screen and one to print out. It should also be noted that the pdf is fully bookmarked. Some mini-product lines go with a whimper – the third and final one depicting hoards instead goes with a bang. None of the hoards feel like they’re bland or have been done before and generally, especially the mundane treasures (come on, who can’t craft a great yarn from a gilded iron maiden?) are awesome and ooze iconicity. That being said, while not all hoards are as awesome, the vast majority of them are winners and I encountered not one I’d consider bad or bland per se. Thus, my final verdict for the third in the “SwHoard”-line will be 5 stars.

Endzeitgeist out.

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