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tcstprodthumb_finalBy Paco Garcia Jaen

I love my minis in some RPGs, specially the ones with combat orientated mechanics, like D&D or Pathfinder. I love to be able to actually see where “I” stand and where everyone else. I do believe they also provide a good way to avoid arguments. “You see, you’re too far away and would have to jump over a table” is one of the very many things I have had to say to my player friends to make them see that charging against a giant could be a very bad idea.

However I am also rather lazy if you expect me to prepare dioramas for my games you have something else coming. An erasable mat and tokens will do.

So when my Friendly Local Game Store owner said in his usual shy and yet knowledgeable voice that I might like this product, I did what wise men do, and listened. Then I looked. Then I gasped and then I purchased. I’ll tell you what and then why.

What is Terraclips: Streets of Malifaux. This is, basically, a set of cardboard tiles that can be assembled to create scenarios for myriad games.

The description in the box is as follows: “TerraClips is a 3D, modular terrain system which allows gamers to create expansive, multi-level layout on-the-fly. Simply punch out the durable components, clip them together using our patent pending TerraClips system and PLAY!” (yes, they shout) “Exquisitely detailed texture created by award winning artists at WorldWorksGames combine to make this one of the most eye catching, easy to use, and flexible terrain systems on the market.

Streets of Malifaux is an ideal setting for gamers of all types and is compatible with all TerraClips products. Mix and match components, stack sewers below, road networks and building above…”

There are two products you’ll have to get your hands on if you want to use this. One is the set of tiles and the other the clips.

The box of tiles contains a total of 129 pieces between floors, walls, staircase sections… You name it, it’s there. They do not lie when they say the tiles are exquisitely detailed. The textures are gorgeous and the colours are just perfect for what they are representing. The cardboard is thick enough as well, so it is good to handle and doesn’t bend easily, so you don’t need to be concerned about it.

tclips_trans2The box of clips comes with 120 clips in total. 40 I clips, 40 L clips and 40 T clips. The clips are just lovely. The grey colour blends with the tiles terribly well and they are so thick that you’d have to make an effort to break them. The opening is so well made that you can slide the tiles in time and time again without damaging them. They don’t give in, so the pressure is kept as you use them, so no risk of assembling your scenario and then have it collapsing any time soon.

The scenario has been designed to accommodate miniatures of up to 32mm and the tiles have a grid, though it’s been so lovingly and cleverly implemented that it is not an eyesore. Therefore you’ll always have a reference system when you need it, but it won’t detract from the game experience. Although it could be argued that it will take a bit more effort to use the grid when you actually want it, I’d say it’s less bother than having to live with a set of lines all the time.

The company producing this product, Worldworks Games and Wyrd Games haven’t been long trading, but I think they should last a long, long time. The price of the products is very reasonable for what they provide. The tiles set was just under £30 and the box of clips around £10.

Since you can use the clips with any of their scenery, you only need one to assemble anything you like. True that you might want to get another box of clips for larger scenarios, but one should suffice to start with.

The tiles might feel a bit on the thin side to start with, specially if compared with the Dungeon Tiles from Wizards of the Coast. However, once you’ve assembled a few of them a few times, you’ll realise they’re stronger than they feel and the initial fear will disappear. When you see the whole thing assembled, you’ll be glad you got this product.

If you play Wargames or Skirmish Games, like Malifaux, you want to have this. Being able to assemble anything you need in 10 minutes is just fantastic. If you play Role Playing Games, you want this. Being able to have walls and stairs and levels will give your games a much better sense of space and location and will make your combat and strategy situation a lot more interesting.

If you don’t use miniatures, then this product is not for you. If you do use them, you will never regret the investment.

TerraClips deserve a MASSIVE  5 stars rating! Very well done!

Please visit Wyrd-Games website to find out more and order. You can also order this product from your Friendly Local Games Store.

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