Announcing another great Stronghold Games’ release… Space Cadets

A fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players,designed by Brian, Sydney, and Geoff Engelstein 


Space Cadets – more fun than Humans OR Aliens should be allowed to have!

It’s your lifelong dream – to join the Star Patrol and be part of the crew of an interstellar Starship.  You’ve worked hard, graduated from the Academy, and received your first assignment as part of a team of young recruits, confident in your training and ready to be put to the test.   

Nothing can possibly go wrong…  

You’ve been prepared for anything…

You are the Space Cadets.

Space Cadets is a fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players who take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission.   

You might be the:

  • Helmsman, plotting the ship’s course through asteroid fields and nebulae.   
  • Engineer, using dominoes to get enough power to each system.   
  • Weapons Officer, completing puzzles to load the torpedoes and flicking a disc down a track to launch them.  
  • Shield Officer, using tiles to form poker hands to get the strongest shields.   
  • Sensor Officer, using your sense of touch to scan and lock on enemy targets.   
  • Or maybe even the Captain, setting the plan and making sure that everyone stays focused and does their job. 

If your crew can work together to accomplish the mission goals you just might make it home in one piece.  

Space Cadets is currently scheduled for an Essen 2012 (October) release.  

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Also announcing… Space Cadets – LIVE!

A live and interactive convention event based on Space Cadets has been created.  Space Cadets – Live!  is a fun and frantic massive cooperative game for approximately 30 players, divided into teams for the different functions of the Starship. 

Space Cadets – LIVE!

Each team will have a mini-game that they need to complete within a short time limit, and the better they perform the better that ship function will execute. Different teams must also communicate and work with each other while doing their mini-game. Is the Helm team charging towards enemies? The Shield team may want to make the forward shields stronger.  

Multimedia, props, and special effects will immerse you in the world of Space Cadets – Live!

Space Cadets – Live! will premiere at DEXCON 15 in Morristown, NJ, July 5, 2012 at 8pm.

And… $1000 in prizes will be awarded for the team who performs the best during Space Cadets – Live!

This premiere Space Cadets – Live! event will be simulcast LIVE to the rest of the convention and to the entire internet via direct feed provided by Bacon Ice Cream Productions.

Click here for more information on Space Cadets – Live! click here.      

Lost Temple and Revolver: The Wild West Gunfighting Game
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