Raging Swan’s Third Birthday Sale

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Finally! After waiting almost all month, Raging Swan’s third birthday sale is underway!

If you’ve had your eye on one or more of our products or have been thinking about giving us a try, now is the perfect time to strike! With all our (115ish) PDF products (even the newest releases) discounted by 33% there has never been a better time to grab up some Raging Swan goodness.

Raging Swan’s sale is running at d20Pfsrd, e23 and Paizo and the sale runs through to the end of the month, giving you loads of time to hunt your prey.

If you fancy Raging Swan in print, e23 and Paizo are running a 25% discount on all print and print/PDF bundles giving you the perfect excuse to cram ever more into your gaming shelf/bookshelf/cupboard/room/lair. And even better than that, Raging Swan’s Free PDF promotion is still valid with sale items!

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