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Quackalope and unethical behaviour

The GMS Magazine Podcast: Quackalope and ethics in gaming media

We talk about Quackalope and their unethical behaviour toward game publishers.

matthew makak

The state of the USA anti-Trans legislation and the gaming community with Mathew Makak

Over the last few months we have seen a ridiculous amount of bills passing in the USA against the Trans and Queer communities. How is that affecting the gaming community and what can we do?

Bad experiences at conventions

The GMS Magazine Podcast: Bad experiences at conventions.

In this episode, Chris and I talk about some of the bad experiences at conventions we’ve had over the years.

Mythic Britain and Ireland

The GMS Magazine Podcast: Interview with Graeme Davis. Mythic Britain & Ireland.

I had the chance to ask Graeme about the Mythic Britain & Ireland, how it came to be, what it contains and what makes it worthy of attention. Also about his experience with Free League and creating creatures for the Year Zero Engine.

Interview with Greg Favro, Spire’s End and Spire’s End: Hildegard author and publisher.

Spire’s End and Spire’s End: Hildegard are two remarkable story driven card games in a Choose Your Own Adventure style. Been playing them for a while and I couldn’t wait to interview Greg about them.