Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Fire in the Blood with Erin M. Evans

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19288530Fire in the Blood is the second book Erin M. Evans has published for the epic series of “The Sundering”.

The Sundering is a collection of novels by some of the best writers out there in which the Forgotten Realms suffer an enormous transformation to bring the world of Dungeons & Dragons into its most recent edition.

In this installment of the series, Farideh reaches Cormyr as the war the Sundering brought is raging across Faerun.

Needless to say we spoke at length about the book, but we also talked about her relationship with D&D and with the rest of the fantastic writers who have participated in this fantastic project.

Oh, and there is a bit of charity that Erin is taking part on and it sounds *amazing*! Please please please visit the Extra Life website and help as much as u can.

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