Podcast episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Scoville with Ed Marriott

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SV_avatar_bluesky.largeI have learned to trust Michael Chamberlain when is about games. He kinda knows things I don’t. Tons of things.

One of the things he knows how to do is spot great ideas and great sounding games in Kickstarter, and that’s exactly what he has done with Scoville.

We got together with Ed Marriot and interview him about his game of chilly peppers farming. Must say it sounds a great deal more promising than I expected.

I am not particularly into farming games and I need theme in euro games for me to be interested in them. Scoville certainly has that. A game in which you cross-breed chilli peppers to get the best plants out there. Result!

Oh… and it looks gorgeous too!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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