Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Lords of War

pic1575914_t[1]Recently we had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Martin Vaux, one of the co-designers of Lords of War and at the same time we played the game so we could tell him, to his face, what we thought of it.

Lords of War is a strategic card game for two players (a four player mode is also available) in which armies battle each other on a grid that must be used to maximise the power and abilities of each card.

Every army has its unique and distinct members, from soldiers to lancers, generals, berserks… and using them correctly will gain you advantages to defeat your opponents.

Explaining how to play this games takes the best part of 10 minutes. If that. Extremely simple rules that never get in the way of the strategic nature of the game and make it accessible for new players right away.

Or that’s the theory. As new players, we had to have a go and tell you what we thought of this game.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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