Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Core Worlds

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pic1063921_t[1]Core Worlds was published by Stronghold Games in 2011 and was designed by the – rather talented – Andrew Parks.

If you just follow its description, Core Worlds probably won’t interest you very much since there are *a lot* of games that sound like it: Deck builder, Science Fiction, Space Exploration.

I know, yawn.

But this game is special. I didn’t believe it when Michael Chamberlain told me, but this game is special. So when in G*M*S Central we decided to record some podcasts with our favourite games, games we’ve played time and time again and love to bits and we’d take to a desert island, Core Worlds was brought forward by said Michael with the speed of thought.

That was pretty fast.

So here you have it, a special episode with a review of our favourite game.

Enjoy the show!

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