Monsters of NeoExodus – Bilecrawler

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By Thilo Graf 

This pdf from Louis Porter Design is 4 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving 2 pages of content.

This is straightforward, we get two incarnations of a slug-like monster somewhat similar to the Ankheg.


  • Bilecrawler (CR 3): A nice slug-like critter that spews caustic bile and hunts by digging up, surprising enemies.
  • Vilecrawler (CR 5): The domesticated, weaponized advanced version of the Bilecrawler, this is just a bigger, more bad-ass version of the Bilecrawler.

Their flavor-text includes some references to other critters not yet released and made me interested in them as well. The artwork of the creature is top-notch and cool. There is one editing relic in the passage on their tunnels.


There is nothing per se wrong with these critters, they are cute death-slugs and for the low price, you’ll get a decent purchase. Unfortunately no lore-section is given for the creatures and I would have loved a section on e.g. how to harvest their acid or how to train them. The editing relic is unfortunate. It would also have been nice, if the Vilecrawler had some other kind of ability apart from being a bigger version of the Bilecrawler that does everything a bit better. As written, it’s a decent purchase and a nice alternative to the Ankheg. Due to the similarity with the Ankheg and the potential the critters have, I’ll settle for a solid 3 stars. This could easily have been a 5-star file, though.

I can’t say anything about the initiative cards or counters, as they were not included in my complementary copy.

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