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Ed Healy, The Gamerati, talks about marketing in RPGs

Marketing in RPGs is a vast topic that I have spoken about a few times in the past. Now we have a proper expert to tell us some secrets!

Ed Healy has been doing marketing in RPGs for a very long time now and his company has specialised in both marketing and logistics for companies that, being in a niche market like RPGs, have some very specific requirements.

In the past I have said, many times, how I feel most RPG companies are terrible at marketing.With that I don’t mean just advertising, but to actually getting the product to market. That goes from the way a product looks to how it’s promoted,advertised, format of sales, delivery…

But things are changing now. Crowdfunding makes it relatively easier to budget for extras that in the past were out of reach but now could mean the difference between funding or not funding.

And that is what I wanted to talk to Ed about. Being a publisher in its starting stage, I find marketing and advertising a massive deal and very important to reach as many people as possible that will give me a chance to create a customer base to keep me going.

I have to say this interview was a bit hard because I didn’t want it to be just about me and my needs as a publisher. Thinking of questions that would interest everyone and not just me made me go blank in places!

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the interview and listen to it more than once. There is so much information in there that it is hard to assimilate it all in one go. Ed dishes out an immense wealth of knowledge!

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