Ludonaute goes Game Salute exclusive for US distribution

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logo-petit-1Ludonaute is pleased to announce today that it has selected Game Salute as the distributor of its board and card game product line in the USA. Game Salute has been a developing force in the game market for 4 years and its team is now widely recognized as an enthusiast and experienced support team. Game Salute will leverage its network of specialized boutiques and distributors to promote Ludonaute products. The first two games, Shitenno™ and The Little Prince™ will be available through the Game Salute network beginning in Q2 2013.

Distribution Strategy

topThe current U.S. distribution model is quite different from what we know in Europe. Finding a partner that understands our needs and offers suitable solutions has been a long quest but Game Salute offers a comprehensive set of services that addresses all our needs.

About Ludonaute

Founded in 2010, Ludonaute is a young French game publisher. In our high-quality, family-strategy tabletop and cards games, players are invited to live a unique experience through strong themes but also original and simple mechanisms.

About Game Salute

Game Salute began a few years ago as an idea of Dan Yarrington. ‘Game Salute provides tools and services to make the industry better.’ They work with publishing studios, stores, member of the gaming media, non-profit organizations, and individual. Their team is located all over the world, mostly in the US. They have team members in Seattle, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Miami, and Australia.


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