Interview with Nine Worlds’ creator at the UK Games Expo

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UK-Games-Expo-14531_image[1]Richard Denning is the organiser the UK and also the designer of Nine Worlds, a game based on the discovery of gods in the Norse Mythology.

The idea of the game is to find a replacement for Loki, since he’s been imprisoned for being very naughty! Thus the gods need to find another one and they are competing against each other to score points, obtain divinity and find the new god.

Yep. It does sound fun to me!


Paco interviews Richard Denning, creator of Nine Worlds


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  1. Tim Gray says:

    Ah, that explains how you were able to do an interview at Expo! I thought this was going to be about the Nine Worlds RPG, which is by Matt Snyder. Nothing new under the sun…

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