Cyclades extension, waiting for it ?

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hestiaAfter a short period of peace in Cyclades’ islands, time has come again for alliances, negotiations and hostilities. Greece is full of whispers that Hades would be back with his armies of undead…

Since Essen 2009, the Original Cyclades became famous in board games world, donned with with powerful Olympus gods, mighty creatures, audacious fleets and courageous soldiers. Cities of Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, Athena and Argos fought to gain supremacy on Cyclades’ islands, and today this confrontation starts again with this first extension of Cyclades. In this extension, you will rediscover Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc’s talent as well as Miguel Coimbra’s superb artwork.

This expansion is composed of four modules which require the original game to play. Each module can be integrated one by one. For the most fun, all modules are combined and provide almost endless new strategies. 2 to 5 players will join and discover new Gods, Heroes and dark mythological creatures from Hades’ empire.

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