Board game video review 3 Wishes

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Board game video review 3 Wishes

pic2993325_mdPublished by Strawberry Studios, 3 Wishes is a quick and extremely simple card game for three to five players and a play time of 5 to 10 minutes.

Imagine you find an old lamp in the beach and manage to summon the genie who lives in that lamp. Of course now you and your friends argue about who discovered the lamp and the genie gets annoyed.

It will only grant three wishes, but only to the person who makes the best three wishes.

High stakes for powerful wishes!

3 Wishes comes in a pocket size box that will easily fit into any bag. With an absolutely adorable cover and a box built to withstand travel and quite a lot of play.

Inside, 18 cards, 10 wooden tokens 5 player aid cards and the rules have plenty of space to coexist. You see… this has some clever and very simple design not many other games think about: Enough space to put all the cards back in the box when you sleeve them.

The illustrations on the card are truly lovely. Each one reflecting a wish the players can ask for and they fall into three different categories: Gifts, Super Powers and World Harmony. Icons to define what type of wish each card belong to and a number or a multiplier to determine how good the wish is.

Those points will determine the winner at the end of the game.

Playing the game is extremely simple. Firstly, all cards are played face down. Two cards are placed in the middle of the table and each player gets three cards, all of them faced down. During their turn, players can take two out of three actions: Peek at any card in front of the player or one of the cards in the centre, switch any two cards or shuffle the three cards in front of you and peek at one.

Once at least four rounds have taken place, any player can decide to end the game rather than taking an action.

At that moment, players will reveal the three cards in front of them. If they have one of each type of wish, they count the points on the cards and the player with the most points is the winner. If they don’t have one of each, then that player loses.


For a game that plays in just a few minutes and needs about two to be explained to players, 3 Wishes has a great deal to offer.

What usually starts as a peek a card game, soon becomes a vicious game in which players try to keep ahead while messing the other player’s combination of cards.

Play time of 5 to 10 minutes – depending how many players –  is accurate, so don’t expect this game to keep you amused for hours. However, as a mega-quick filler to take with you and play anywhere with friends is just perfect.

Tremendous good fun and very, very good value for money.

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