Jim Pinto

The RPG Room: James Bond, dilemmas and Klug, Chris Klug.

James Bond RPG came out a very long time ago and, even though no longer published or popular, it is a very relevant game today. It is interesting that some games that have been out of print for a long time can, and indeed have some ideas that a vast amount of more modern games […]

Will you just shut your whinging! – The RPG Room

You know, I am pretty tired of stupid, petty minded assholes who prefer to take offence of anything rather than celebrate diversity. I am sick of idiots who don’t have what it takes to feel safe and secure in their masculinity and whinge and complain endlessly when something is organise just for women or minorities. […]

Shadowrun: The best RPG ever written – The RPG Room

Since it came out so many years ago, Shadowrun has been the favourite game of connoisseurs and indies alike. It has inspired millions of people to look forward to a future where magic and science can coexist, and where computers are but the landscape of the mind. Indeed it has inspired pretty much any and […]

RPG Room Podcast: You say Casual Gamers. I say…

In last episode Jim and I discussed if casual gamers are actually bad for the hobby or not. With polarised opinions, Jim believes they are a lot less needed than hardcore gamers in order to sustain the hobby, whereas I believe the more we have, the better. Regardless of who is right or wrong on […]

Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Are Casual Gamers bad?

Casual gamers are, in my opinion, the bread and butter of any hobby. The vast majority of any hobby’s follower is a casual person who enjoys whatever it is on an ad-hoc basis. And of course the presence of casual gamers has an impact on the gaming experience. If anything because the level of commitment […]

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