How to deal with LGBTQI characters around the table.

Let’s concentrate on the people who don’t know how to deal with characters who are non-straight. I am prepared to believe some don’t know how to deal with that because there are people who live in areas where it is less accepted, there are less outed people or whatever other reason. I am going to […]

Article – If you think LGBTQI characters “don’t fit” in your game

Oftentimes I have found people complaining that LGBTQI characters don’t fit in some games. Somehow, having a non-straight character at the table could destroy the fine veil of historic believability a fantasy world has to offer. Needless to say, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the real reasons are nothing to do with history or […]

Doing a “Sarkeesian”. And many more to come, I hope!

Apparently, recently I did a “Sarkeesian”. A few days ago, in the Spanish version of this blog, I uploaded a video in which I introduced the X-Card. A tool I find reasonable enough and simple enough to use around the table to increase safety, especially when playing with stranger. For some reason I won’t qualify, […]

Article – RPGs that allow you tell a story and RPGs that allow you to create a story.

I just thought of something. There are two types of role playing games: Games that enable you to tell a story and games that enable you to create a story. By Paco Garcia Jaen My friend Jim and I often talk about games that enable good story telling vs. games that are just a killing […]

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