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By Thilo Graf

This pdf is 23 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page blank inside of front page, 1 page editorial, 2 pages titles, 1 page SRD (also containing reprinted info on the Antipaladin), 1 page ToC (also containing 3 demonic patrons) and 1 page back cover, leaving 15 pages for the Antipaladins.

The Antipaladins herein all get their own b/w-artwork as well as the whole Raging Swan NPC-write-up complete with hooks, personality and mannerisms, including nice adventure-seeds.

The Antipaladins are:

  • Aelire Maiaral (Half-elf Antipaladin 4, CR 3) Spurned love gone wrong.
  • Petrok Uren (Human Antipaladin 6, CR 5) Former Aristocrat with psychotic urges.
  • Steren Wearme (Half-elf Bard 4/Antipaladin 4, CR 7) Nihilistic, beautiful bard.
  • Duerrin Thramek (Dwarf Antipaladin 6/Fighter 4, CR 9) Violent dwarven leader.
  • Eseld Cass (Human Barbarian 5/Antipaladin 7, CR 11) Female leader of a savage tribe.
  • Tharon Zaspar (Drow Antipaladin 8/Rogue 3/Shadowdancer 2, CR 13) Ice-cold, savant-style killer.
  • Vaerosk Izuzygax (Aasimar half-fiend Antipaladin 13, CR 15) Corrupted celestial paragon.


Layout adheres to the printer-friendly b/w-standard of Raging Swan, the pdf is extensively bookmarked and I didn’t find any typos or editing glitches. On to the fluff and crunch:
The Antipaladins are just simply awesome – each is distinctive and goes beyond “I’m an evil foe!” – They are, quite frankly, top material and all have their merits as villains that make you want to implement them in one’s campaign. Especially Steren caught my attention and drove and expanded the concept of what one would expect of an Antipaladin. The content is plenty, the quality of the NPCs is top-notch and quite frankly, there is nothing negative I could say about any of the Antipaladins apart from “I want more!”. Thus, my final verdict will be a full 5 stars.

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