Video episode – Spiel 2013 interviews – Episode 5

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Video episode – Spiel 2013 interviews – Episode 5


Last of the episodes with the interviews we recorded at Spiel 2013. We have left some of the very best for the last episode, so sit back and enjoy because we talked to:

Krosmaster Arena. One of my favourite (if not my favourite) game of 2013, Krosmaster has featured heavily in my game shop and we’ve played many, many times. It was a great surprise that it plays so well and it’s as cute as it deserves to be. I caught up with the designer of the experience. A very great pleasure!

Surprised Stare Games. With Snowdonia turning out to be an extremely solid and truly fantastic game, Surprised Stare Games is one company worth keeping an eye on to see what else they have up their sleeve and wonder how they’re going to surprise us in the future. I talked to Tony Boydel to find out!

Mindwarrior Games: A Finnish company making a splash with a lovely booth, extremely professional approach to gaming and a very good selection of games, both boardgames and role playing games. I caught up with their Marketing Manager and also with Mike Pohjola, designer of Heroes of the Storm RPG.

Sproket Games. Comany created by Michael Fox, from the Little Metal Dog website and podcast, Sprocket Games has a lot more to it than meets the eye and therefore I decided to have a chat with Steph Fox, artist and gamer who is responsible for a great deal of the look and feel of the games for the company. And an awesome human being to boot!

Strata Max Games. Let’s Take a Hike is a seriously lovely filler game. Fun and mean to the players and with some hilarious artwork that fits the theme very well indeed. Sheepdogs is receiving tremendous praise and yet not enough people knows about this company. Let’s do something about that!

Esdevium Games: The biggest distributor in the UK and part of Asmodee, Esdevium has a very proactive company policy to being present at conventions and promote the games they sell, I sat down with Daniela Pietrosanu to talk about her company, Asmodee, their games and the company.


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