Unboxing Terraclips: Streets of Malifaux

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Unboxing Terraclips: Streets of Malifaux

By Paco Garcia Jaen

tcstprodthumb_final3This is one of the products that came out of the blue for me. My FLGS owner mentioned that I might like this and recommended it. Since I thought the price was reasonable for what it promised to deliver and I was looking forward to buying something a bit different from just a game.

This is what the manufacturer says, but does the product live up to expectations?

Streets of Malifaux

Create nearly any street layout, add ramps, alleyways, create bridges, elevated walkways and city infrastructure with access to each and every level, inside and out!

100% Table Ready!

TerraClips™ is a highly modular tangible, retail 3D terrain system which is 100% table ready for time constrained gamers. Made from 1.7mm thick, high-density punchboard with die-cut components, which clip together using our patent pending TerraClips connector system. No printing, no cutting, no painting, no special skills required!

Complete Design Freedom!

TerraClips allows creators to freely design full 3D layouts with multi-level, inside/outside playing access. Mix & match components for an unprecedented range of terrain combinations and designs.

TerraClips is suitable for 25mm to 32mm miniatures, tabletop gaming and role playing systems and comes with a natural (hidden) 1" grid.

Paco Garcia-Jaen unboxes Terraclips: Streets of Malifaux

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