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Hello everyone, I’ve made a mistake in the last podcast and got a name wrong in our second interview. If you tweet the right name, or contact the magazine with the right name, the first 10 people will receive a deck of PK Cards...

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Get Ready to Win!

Would you like $20 in Amazon gift cards? If you are a subscriber to G*M*S Magazine and comment on our articles and reviews, you could very well be up for a treat! From now on, every first day of every month, we will be randomly...

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Fairness = Play to win!

By Mario T. Lanza There is a guiding principle in the world of strategy games by which all players should abide. When players do not abide by it, it defeats the fact that a game, by intent, is (at least in part) a contest, what...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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