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Comparing Card Games

I proudly admit to being a Gamer Geek. I play all kinds of games: FRPs, board games, card games, word games, puzzles, and various computer-based entertainments. Today I am going to talk about collectible card games, and especially about Shadowfist, the game of Hong Kong action movies.

Homosexuality in games

By Paco Garcia Jaen I don’t know if you know, but I am gay. My family knows. My friends know. My colleagues know. My readers know. The world knows. And that is how I like it. I have lived hiding. It is very, very difficult and very uncomfortable. Paranoia can be a terrible thing. However,…
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Nexus Ops first play review

This game is about imperialistic interplanetary conquering, invasion and resources exploitation. This game is not about going to a planet and invading it. This game is about going to a planet with your clones (why use unique humans!) and using the existing residents and creatures to fight against each other in order to get you Rubium and victory points to win the game.

Unboxing: Nexus Ops

Recently I got this game base purely on the number of miniatures supplied and the very reasonable price tag. Knowing it is a Fantasy Flight Games, I reckon there is a good chance it is a good game as well. In this video I take a look at the components. This is not a review…
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Alpha Omega by Mind Storm Labs

I normally don’t add the publishers pitch to my reviews because usually they are overblown statements that end up disappointing. However this pitch is pretty accurate, apart from one subject. I will go into it in a bit.