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Board game video unboxing: Krosmaster Arena

By Paco Garcia Jaen If you know *anything* about me, you should know that I absolutely adore minis. Can’t help it. Stick a few good looking minis in a board game and you’ll have me salivating – sometimes drooling – at the thought. Unless the minis are crap, of course. Krosmaster Arena’s minis are not…
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Review e-Raptor board game components and product range

Table space can be at a premium sometimes and some boards take *a lot* of space. And so do a lot of the meeples, tiles, cards, pawns, tokens… You get the drift. e-Raptor is a Polish company that is doing its best to put a solution to that sort of problems, and some of their…
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Unboxing: Elder Sign Unseen Forces

By Paco Garcia Jaen Elder Sign has been another of those Fantasy Flight Games that provoked a good amount of controversy when it was published and now Unseen Forces has been released to bring you more Lovecraft goodness to your table. Labelled by many as Arkham Horror light it was designed by Richard Launius, one…
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