Review e-Raptor board game components and product range

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logo[1]Table space can be at a premium sometimes and some boards take *a lot* of space. And so do a lot of the meeples, tiles, cards, pawns, tokens… You get the drift.

e-Raptor is a Polish company that is doing its best to put a solution to that sort of problems, and some of their solutions are extremely crafty and satisfying!

Focusing on cost-effective components that perform well and are flexible, they have a rather impressive range of products to make the board game table a much more inviting place and easier to keep tidy. From simple to assemble dice towers and boxes, to lavish card holders and some really cool stands to keep all your game pieces in the right place.

This video is not an unboxing. This is more a review of what I thought of their products when they reached my table.

And I think you’ll want to buy some… You should indeed want to buy some.

Maybe all of them!

From Poland with Love, e-Raptor has a few neat add-ons for your table!


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