90067[1]By Thilo Graf

This pdf is 21 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 2 pages advertisements, leaving 16 pages for the 30 intelligent magic items, so let’s check them out!

The pdf kicks off with an aptly-written IC-introduction , information on intelligent items. The items include stats, senses, paragraphs on appearance, history, personality, powers, construction requirements and where applicable, special purposes and greater powers.

The items are:

  • Altairvat, Seeker of the Dark: A crystal ball containing the mind of a diviner driven insane by entities from beyond the stars.
  • Astijhen: A full-plate mail for horses with some fear and curse-related powers.
  • Atham the Blacktongued: Pan pipes that can send people into nightmare-ridden slumbers and speak with the dead.
  • Bahijja the Flatterer: Paranoid scrying mirror that encourages owner to hold grudges.
  • Bassa of Masad: Heavy shield that can bite and summon nature’s ally.
  • Gathib’s Teeth: Set of hyena teeth to be worn in mouth grants bite attacks.
  • Ghorev the Unlooked-For: Shrunken bird’s head can change into a crow.
  • Ha-Min’s Circlet: Charitable headband of intellect.
  • Ha-Min’s Trinket (Artifact): Take and protect kappakin.
  • Jaril-Junaid: Raging duelist’s scimitar with a sense of honor.
  • Javar Javarah the Comforter: Greatsword with divine abilities.
  • Jealous Jaden: Shatterspike weapon that hates other magical weapons.
  • Kassantera the Deceiver: Wooden harp with abilities to confuse and deceive others, can even modify memories.
  • Karkinos: Sealed Iron barrel is actually a lobster-like plane-travelling apparatus.
  • Ma-Oot-Mah-Zoor: Crystal skull mask grants necromantic abilities.
  • Marrija: Clone-creating mirror.
  • Marav Azab: Ornate, enchanted walking stick with several travelling abilities.
  • Nasirdil: Bloodline-associated ring with summon abilities.
  • Navishan: Amulet that improves negative energy channeling.
  • Nukramajin’s Hand: Skeletal hand held together with wires enables you to speak with dead and raise them.
  • Parzamon: Cloak that makes user more persuasive and can dimension door wearer away.
  • Ranklikor: Full-plate for horses, can cast haste, overland flight and daylight.
  • Red Najaddi: Free-spirited flying carpet.
  • Sageseeker: Metal headband devoted to destroying abberations,
  • Salchuk Carpet: Flying carpet with druid-like minor defense abilities.
  • Stormshaper: Forgiving and nice hide armor with cload giant-related abilities.
  • Tam: Mummified gnome hand with helping abilities.
  • Tannarik: Assassin’s crossbow that tries to dispose of tyrants.
  • Tchottochtum: Spear of Orcish warlords.
  • The Bat Queen’s Cloak: A cloak with bat-like powers used to impersonate a witch queen.


Editing is top-notch, I didn’t notice any typos or glitches. Formatting adheres to the two-column standard. The pdf is full-color and follows the stunning, cool layout you already know from the free Pathways e-zine and thus stunningly beautiful. The items are rock-solid mechanics-wise, but where the pdf truly shines is when it comes to the stories, histories and background information. Their powers are also nice and they have an awesome, kind of exotic feeling somewhat reminiscent of Arabian nights mythologies without necessarily limiting the items to them. More importantly, it is absolutely stunning to see how much information the T.H. Gulliver managed to cram into the scarce few sentences available. The artwork provided for some items is beautiful and nice. For the low price, I’ll settle for a hearty recommendation of 5 stars.

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