Septikon_Uranium_WarsSeptikon is a cool sci-fi board game for 2 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station. There is not enough uranium for everyone, so the players fight brutal battles with other explorers over every asteroid. By using diverse offensive and defensive measures and a loyal crew of clones, a player has to try everything to put his opponent out of action first.

This is a truly unique game: Imagine 
a turn-based game in the Tower Defense genre, where you must not only protect your property, but also send waves of attackers in your opponent’s direction!

This game is set in a retro-futuristic atmosphere, resembling the atmosphere of such popular games as Fallout and BioShock.

Septikon was successfully published in Russia this year. Now the biggest Russian board game publisher, Hobby World, is launching it on Kickstarter as a first step for an international release of the game. Instead of the wooden meeples found in the Russian version the international version will have cool-looking plastic miniatures and there are also a lot of interesting stretch goals waiting for the KS supporters – unique heroes, R&D cards, nano-bombs and even aliens!

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Septikon presentation:

About Hobby World

Hobby World is one of the biggest Russian board games companies in business since 2001. We opened a U.S. subsidiary, Hobby World USA, LLC (based in Miami) in 2013 in order to run our first Kickstarter project, a tactical card game, called Berserk (which was successfully funded one month ago )

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