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Bedrock Games releases Book of the Archon for Sertorius

Book of the Archon is available as a pay-what-you-want PDF. EPICALLY SURPRISING MAGIC Book of the Archon brings a complete collection of awe-inspiring magic to the Sertorius setting. This is the first in a series of optional spell books that can be used on their own or combined with the spells in the original rules.…
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G*M*S Magazine goes G*M*S Iberia

Well, at last I can announce it. It’s been coming a few weeks now and I haven’t said anything because… well because it could have gone in a different direction, but it hasn’t and I’m happy and very excited. From now, G*M*S Magazine will also be G*M*S Iberia. We have associated with Nosolorol Ediciones in…
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Giveaway! Get your hands on a copy of Ace of Spies

Well, I’m in a generous mood and I am going to give a few things away. Firs thing, a copy of Ace of Spies. A lovely little game designed by Michael Fox and Mark Rivera in which you take the role of spies completing missions in different cities around Europe. A light card game fit…
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Win A Cardfight Vanguard Dazzling Divas Booster Box Set

Magic Madhouse are currently running a competition to win a Dazzling Divas booster box set from the game, Cardfight Vanguard. The store retails a wide range of playing cards for various games and often features a fantastic competition to win a superb prize. The store’s latest giveaway features the Cardfight Vanguard dazzling divas booster box…
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The G*M*S Magazine Writing Competition has started!

Calling all short-story writers out there! G*M*S Magazine, in partnership with The Creativity Hub, is calling on writers to submit short stories for their first fiction-writing charity competition. The competition is open to writers of any age, experience or part of the world, and entries will be accepted between the 21st of July and 31st…
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